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In my life, I find, keep and refer back to things - usually a verse or saying - that I find Inspirational. These may give me the courage to go on with some project when I am losing heart; or to pick myself up when I am 'down'; or give me the grounding I need to make a calm and rational decision when my head is "all over the place" - often due to stress or if I am reacting to a food or something. In recent years I have found myself 'sharing' a lot of these on facebook. The trouble with facebook is that often, when you come back to see them again they have disappeared. So, I thought I would like to  have a page on my blog where I can share some so they will always be here whenever you or I need to come back and see it again (and again.)   I hope you find them an inspiration for you too. I will put them up initially as time allows, and later whenever I see a new one that I think needs to be there. I have not decided how I will do them yet - so hang in there!!!!

In the meantime my thanks to our wonderful local artist Ludij Peden for consent to use this wonderful quote which is overlaying one of her amazing paintings.  Why I love this is, it reinforces that in everything we do we bring all our knowledge, skill, and experience to the job, so that makes each of us unique, so everything we do is unique too. 

If you are coming to NQ some time be sure to track Ludij's gallery down in Yungaburra on the Tableland, by phoning 0419 024 218. No-one, but no-one, can paint rusty iron like Ludij can. Check them out for yourself - better yet, take one home with you.